November 30, 2017: ““Making the City from Within and Beyond: Visuality, Creativity, and Artistic Livelihood in Dakar.”

Speaker: Dr Joanna Grabski Time: 1200- 1:30pm Place: 201 International Center

November 7, 1017: “Women and Filmmaking in Tanzania.”

Speaker: Dr Mona Mwakalinga Time: 1200- 1:30pm Place: 303 International Center

November 2, 1017: “Why you should know about Africa? The obstacles and advantages of teaching Africa in Mexico.”

Speaker: Arturo Saavedra Time: 1200- 1:30pm Place: 303 International Center

October 12th, 2017: Anne Pitcher

  “No Place Like Home: The Politics of Urban Residential Development in Luanda, Angola”...

October 19th, 2017: Jessica Achberger

“Words Matter: Rhetoric vs. Reality in China-Africa Relations”...

October 26, 1017: “Science. Technology and Globalization- Where is Africa?”

Speaker: Berhanu Abegaz Time: 1200- 1:30pm Place: 201 International Center